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TRCSL/Sri Lanka Exempt Devices from Type Approval

Which devices are exempt from Sri Lanka/TRCSL Type Approval requirement and what is the process for Sri Lanka/TRCSL Letter of Exemption ?

The TELECOMMUNICATIONS REGULATORY COMMISSION OF SRI LANKA (TRCSL) has exempted the following equipment from RTTE Type Approval in Sri Lanka:

1- Any short range infrared remote controls including TV remote controls, garage door opener etc.

2- Any equipment that is embedded in desktop computers and laptops using short range radio technologies including Wifi and Bluetooth

3- Any transmitting equipment with RF output power below 50 mW

4- Equipment installed in vehicles including car navigation units, remote car keys etc using short range technologies such as Wifi, Bluetooth

5- Any equipment which is brought into Sri Lanka by individuals for their personal use

It is therefore recommended to carefully evaluate your equipment against the above criteria to assess whether your radio telecommunication terminal equipment is exempt from TRCSL type approval or if it requires mandatory TRCSL Type Approval. Please feel free to contact us, if you would like us to help you with this assessment.

Please note that to facilitate Radio telecommunication equipment manufacturers with streamlined import to Sri Lanka, TELECOMMUNICATIONS REGULATORY COMMISSION OF SRI LANKA (TRCSL) also issues specific letter of exemptions from Type Approval for the exempt equipment.

A benefit of Exemption applications to TRCSL is that no sample is required to be submitted along with the equipment exemption application. Following are the benefits of getting these specific letters of exemption for your exempt equipment:

1. The importer can use the letter at the stage of equipment import. Otherwise the importer must submit all necessary technical details and test reports to prove the product does not require TRCSL Type Approval Certificate every time at the time of import.

2. This significantly helps importers in avoiding the laborious tasks of repeatedly producing same details/documentation to customs and helps with speedy clearance of shipments as well

3. Having specific exemption letters helps importers to get the shipments cleared promptly and deliver the shipments to distributors/end clients in a timely manner thus increasing time to market and removing business delays.

Our team is here to support you with any questions related to Sri Lanka/TRCSL Type Approval exemption requirements. Pease feel free to contact us at for any inquiries related to your TRCSL equipment type approval or exemption requirements.


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