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Oman - TRA Type Approval - Overview

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in Oman, is the country’s regulator responsible for the reviews and Type Approvals of all Radio and Telecommunication equipment prior to their use, import and production in Oman.


There are few exemptions to the TRA Type Approval which are mentioned on this page below.

This ensures safe, compliant, and functional devices in Oman’s networks. The TRA Approval label is a mark of quality and compliance, ensuring telecom equipment meets the required standards.

We provide the following country services specific to Oman TRA Type Approval :​

  1. Guidance and consulting on the approval scope and applicable Test standards in Oman

  2. Handling all local customs duties and taxes payments and Govt. charges for Type Approval Applications

  3. Management of full TRA Oman Type Approval Process

  4. Full support of Oman TRA re-approvals of expired/old/near-to-expire TRA type approvals

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Oman Apprval Summary

Oman TRA Type Approval - Summary:

  • Concerned Authority : Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) (

  • Applicable Radio and Telecommunication Equipment Certification : TRA Type Approval

  • Required Documents:

    • Technical Literature of Device (User Manual, Specifications/Data Sheet, Operational Description)​

    • Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

    • RF,EMC,Health and Safety Test Reports as per applicable Test standards

    • GSMA TAC Letter(for cellular devices)

  • Sample Requirements: Not required

  • Approval Validity: Unlimited

  • In-country Testing Requirements: Not applicable

  • Local Representation : Yes, Required

  • Labelling Requirement: Yes, Required. 

  • Lead time : 3-4 Weeks

  • Import Permit Requirement : Yes, TRA Import Permit/NOCs required for the customs clearance of all Telecommunication equipment shipments in Oman through Oman online system (Bayan).

Oman Exempt Items

List of Exempt Items from Oman Type Approval:

Following equipment are exempt from Oman TRA Type Approval:

  • Non sending receivers such as (GPS).

  • Echo Sounder.

  • The servers used to store data without dealing in telecom data packets or frequencies.

  • Microwave Ovens and infrared short range remote controls.

  • Accessories of telecom devices which are capable of transmission.

  • Imported telecom devices intended for re-export.

Oman Updates and artices

Oman Regulatory Updates and Articles:


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