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Which documents are required for Sri Lanka - TRCSL Type Approval ?

TELECOMMUNICATIONS REGULATORY COMMISSION OF SRI LANKA (TRCSL) is the responsible Authority in Sri Lanka to approve all Telecommunication Equipment for public/private use made in or imported to Sri Lanka. This process of equipment approval is called Type Approval or TRCSL Type Approval.

In this brief article we are going to have a quick look at the requirements for this TRCSL Type Approval process and then will specifically focus on the required documents for this process.

The Sri Lanka/TRCSL Type Approval Process has the following requirements:

1- Required Application Documents

2- One Mandatory Required Sample

3- TRCSL Applicable Charges for Type Approval

As stated above, our target is to explore the first requirement here i.e. the required application documents for TRCSL Type Approval.

Following are the required application documents for Sri Lanka Type Approval:

  • Dully filled TRCSL Type Approval application form

  • Technical Specification Sheet(Issued by Manufacturer) / Data Sheet

  • Declaration of Conformity to the Testing Standards (DOC)

  • User Manual/Guide

  • Lab Test Reports (EMC, RF, Safety & Health)

  • Circuits Diagrams

  • PCB Layouts

  • Device Photos

  • One Device Sample

Our expert team can help you carefully complete all the required documents including completing the TRCSL application form as per TRCSL expectations to avoid any re-submissions or objections from TRCSL.

It is worth mentioning here that TRCSL offers two approval schemes as below:

1- TRCSL Simplified Type Approval

2- TRCSL Standard Type Approval

Details on both of these schemes can be further viewed here. Please note that both schemes application forms require the same information and is filled after careful review of the technical documents and test reports by our experts.

Please feel free to contact us at for any of your Sri-Lanka/TRCSL Type Approval requirements.


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