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Sri Lanka - TRCSL Type Approval - Overview

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) is the country's regulator responsible for the wireless regulatory compliance and mandatory Type Approval of the Radio and Telecommunication Equipment in Sri Lanka prior to their import, marketing, manufacturing or use. There are few exemptions to this required approval which are mentioned on this page below and specific Letters of Exemption are also issued by TRCSL for the exempt equipment. 

In Sri Lanka, all end importers are legally required to have TRCSL Type Approval on their name prior to any Radio Telecommunication Equipment import and all approval projects require one mandatory sample.  TRCSL facilitates standard and simplified Type Approval routes, and TRCSL also allows Fast Track Processing options within each route. 

Our on-the-ground team in Colombo handles all TRCSL Type Approval projects in close contact with TRCSL. Our country services for Sri Lanka include : 

1- Guidance and consulting on the TRCSL Type approval scope and applicable Test standards

2- Handling all local Govt. charges for Type Approval Applications

3- Handling complete logistics and customs clearance process of samples import for the purpose of Type Approval

4- Management of full Type Approval Process

5- Providing end-to-end Vendor License Registration service which is required by law for each importer prior to their application for TRCSL Type Approval

6- Full support for TRCSL re-approvals of expired/old/near-to-expire TRCSL type approvals 

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Sri Lanka Apprval Summary

Sri Lanka - TRCSL Type Approval - Summary:

  • Applicable Radio and Telecommunication Equipment Certification: TRCSL Type Approval

    • Standard TRCSL Type Approval: For Equipment not TRCSL approved previously​

    • Simplified TRCSL Type Approval: For Equipment previously​ TRCSL approved

  • Required Documents:

    • Technical Literature of Device (User Manual, Specifications/Data Sheet, Operational Description)​

    • Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

    • RF,EMC,Health and Safety Test Reports as per applicable Test standards

    • Circuit Diagrams/Block Diagrams

    • Internal and External Photographs

    • GSMA TAC Letter(for cellular devices)

  • Sample Requirements:  Yes, one sample mandatory required

  • In-country Testing Requirements: Yes, testing at TRCSLs end

  • Local Representation : Yes, Required

  • TRCSL Type Approval and Exemption Letter Validity : Four Years

  • TRCSL Vendor License Registration Validity : One Year

  • Labelling Requirement: Yes. TRCSL Labels are required on the approved equipment. 

  • Lead time : 6-8 Weeks

  • Specific Letter of Exemption: Yes, allowed and issued by TRCSL

Sri Lanka Exempt Items

List of Exempt Items from Sri Lanka TRCSL Type Approval:

  • The following equipment is exempt from TRCSL Type Approval in Sri Lanka:

  • Any short range infrared remote controls including TV remote controls, garage door opener etc. 

  • Any equipment that is embedded in desktop computers and laptops using short range radio technologies including Wifi and Bluetooth

  • Any transmitting equipment with RF output power below 50 mW

  • Equipment installed in vehicles including car navigation units, remote car keys etc. using short range technologies such as Wifi, Bluetooth

  • Any equipment which is brought into Sri Lanka by individuals for their personal use

Letters of Exemption for all of this exempt equipment is issued by TRCSL. 

Sri lanka Updates and articles

Sri Lanka Regulatory News, Updates and Articles:

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