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What is Sri Lanka - TRCSL Vendor License/Registration and the Process for this Registration

Updated: Feb 28

All importers in Sri Lanka wishing to import Radio Telecommunication Equipment (RTTE) into the country must first acquire TRCSL Type Approval for the equipment.

In order to get TRCSL Type Approval, the importer must first be locally registered with TRCSL and should have the TRCSL Vendor License Registration Number first. This registration provided by TRCSL is valid for one year and has to be renewed on yearly basis.

In the absence of this TRCSL Vendor License Registration Number, the importer cannot apply for TRCSL Type Approval and hence cannot import the RTTE into the country.

It is hence a critical requirement which should be known to all such importers that they should complete their TRCSL Vendor License Registration Number process on priority if they are looking to import Radio Telecommunication Equipment into Sri Lanka in the near or far future.

TRCSL Vendor License Registration application requires the following documents:

1. Letter of request for Vendor Licence

2. Dully filled application form

3. Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation

4. Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Associations

5. Copy of the Form (20) or Business registration and names of the Board of Directors

6. Technical Specifications of the Telecommunications Apparatus/ Radio Communication equipment/ Data Communications equipment/ Cellular Phones/ Cordless Phones etc.

7. Copy of the Certificates of Technical staff (Technical staff should have at least a Diploma in electronics/telecommunication or relevant field).

8. Dealer should submit a confirmation letter from its local supplier, if it does not have workshop facilities

9. Income Tax Report along with a copy of the last quarter payment slip

10. Applicant who applies for Satellite Receivers must have DTH Satellite Broadcasting Service System Licence issued by TRCSL or must get a recommendation letter from a similar System License holder.

11. Copy of National Identity card of Directors/Owner

12. Applicants who apply for GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices must obtain additional documents from TRCSL.

  1. Stickers

  2. Conditions

  3. Network Map

  4. Vehicle tracking Map

  5. Customer Service Agreement

If all of the above documents are complete and have no discrepancy in them, then TRCSL Vendor Registration Process can be completed in 5-7 Weeks.

Our on-the-ground team carefully reviews and completes all of these documents including completing application forms and undertakings and ensures that there is minimum chance of any subsequent clarification or information re-submission requests from TRCSL.

Please feel free to contact us at for any of your requirements related to TRCSL vendor registration process or TRCSL/Sri Lanka Type Approval.


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