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Sri Lanka/TRCSL Import Permit/NOC for samples imported into Sri Lanka for Type Approval

TELECOMMUNICATIONS REGULATORY COMMISSION OF SRI LANKA (TRCSL) requires all Radio And Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) to be first Type Approved before such equipment can be imported into Sri Lanka.

One of the key requirements of the TRCSL Type Approval process is one sample testing equipment which is required to be submitted to TRCSL along with the Sri Lanka Type Approval application package. Please note that TRCSL has the right to require two samples along with application in certain cases.

All such sample equipment can only be cleared from Sri Lanka customs authorities if an official Representative sample import permit is obtained from TRCSL.

It is to be noted that all sample import permit applications should be filed to TRCSL prior to shipping any actual samples to Sri Lanka. Once the import permit application is filed and import permit is issued and received from TRCSL, only then the sample shipping process should be initiated to avoid any delays with customs clearance of the sample.

One sample import application can cover only one band or model of the RTTE and can contain a maximum of two representative sample units in the application. With each import permit application, following documents are required to be submitted:

1- Technical specifications of the RTTE

2- Proforma Invoice

3- NIC of the authorized representative of the company

We, at Nano Technology Solutions, manage and take care of your full TRCSL/Sri Lanka Type Approval process including obtaining all relevant RTTE sample import permits for smooth sample import clearance and timely completion of all activities as part of the Type Approval application.

Please contact us at for an obligation free assessment and quote of any of your radio telecommunication terminal equipment certification in Sri Lanka.


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