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Pakistan allowed Frequency bands and power limits for Short Range Devices are finally published including Ultra Wide Band Allowed Frequencies

Updated: 3 days ago

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued latest SRD and IOT Regulatory Framework with clearly defined frequency bands and output power limits for all Short Range Devices (SRDs) devices falling under the mandatory Type Approval scope in Pakistan earlier this year, ending the confusion and grey areas looming these bands for past several years.

The objective of this regulatory framework is twofold as below:

1- To provide regulatory guidelines including allowed frequency spectrum and licensing requirements for the industry, to enable the development of Internet of Things (IoT) eco-system in Pakistan

2- To provide detailed list of allowed frequency bands with power limits for all Short Range Devices (SRDs) and the relevant power limits for Pakistan regulator’s PTA Type Approval

The first objective listed above is fulfilled by providing the allowed frequency spectrum and power limits for the IoT (LPWAN) eco-system establishment and includes 433.05-434.79 Mhz band and 920-925 Mhz band. Maximum allowed power limit is 1 W for both of these bands. Copy of this regulatory framework can be accessed here which outlines the allowed Ultra-Wide Band Frequency Band (1.6 Ghz to 10.6 Ghz) in Pakistan as well:

Download PDF • 1.04MB

The regulatory framework has made it compulsory for the IoT ecosystem developers in Pakistan to acquire and maintain a newly introduced PTA LPWAN License. Upfront and recurring licensing costs for this PTA LPWAN License are also included in this framework.

In terms of the second objective of this regulatory framework, the framework contains a detailed and clearly defined list of frequency bands which are now mandatory for PTA Type Approval for the associated Short Range devices operating in specific bands including the below:

· Vehicle Security and Tracking Devices [VSDs and VTDs]

· NFC only devices in 13 MHz band

· 900 MHz band for RFID and SRD systems

· UWB devices

· Wireless chargers

The allowed frequency bands and power limits for the Short Range Devices under the mandatory PTA Type Approval scope can be viewed at the official regulatory framework download link given above.

In regards to any questions related to the PTA Type Approval for the Short Range Devices /RFID Devices and to understand the newly introduced Licensing framework for the IoT ecosystem establishment, please feel free to contact us at for an obligation free consultation.


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