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PTA Exempted List of Devices for Type Approval (Updated September 2021)

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

As per the latest (2021) Type Approval Regulations by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) we have updated the list of exempt items from Type Approval in-line with the regulation.

Here is the list of all the devices that are now exempt from PTA for the Type Approval (in context to 2021 regulation):

1. Networking Equipment: These are the devices that are used to make a direct connection, switch, and boost or combine the data of information with a computer or telecommunication network. The names of a few networking devices are:

● Hubs, switches, servers, storage devices etc.

2. GPS Only Devices

3. Laptops/Desktops (Non Sim based Only)

Non Sim based laptops and desktops are also exempt from PTA Type Approval. Please keen in consideration that any laptops and tablets which are sim based and any tablets which are non-sim based but support wireless connectivity require PTA Type Approval as per the latest 2021 PTA Type Approval regulation.

Please also note that all smart watches providing wireless connectivity including cellular and non-cellular connectivity require PTA Type Approval, as per the new regulation.

We at Nano Technology Solutions eagerly wait to help you with any of your devices Type Approval from the non-exempt devices and look forward to easing your market access and devices penetration into the opportunistic Pakistan market.


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