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PTA Exempted List of Devices for Type Approval

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has introduced three remarkable changes for the Type Approval in the Type Approval Regulations – December 2018 and we are evaluating that these are somehow confusing towards the customers.

So, this article will help you to know more about the details of each specific rule. The first one is as changes to the devices list exempt from Type Approval. In our point of view, it is the most critical change by PTA as some of the previously exempted devices from Type Approval are not exempt anymore.

But not to worry, Nano technology Solutions will be helping you out with all the procedure to be done without any hustle or bustle

Here is the list of all the devices that are now exempt from PTA for the Type Approval:

1. Networking Equipment: These are the devices that are used to make a direct connection, switch, and boost or combine the data of information with a computer or telecommunication network. The names of a few networking devices are:

● Hubs, switches, routers, repeaters and extenders, bridges, gateways, multiplexer, transceivers, firewalls, wireless access points (WAP), VoIP and IP Telephony, and modular.

2. No Sim Based Devices: The names itself says it all. These are the devices that are not having access to GSM. In simple words, these devices are not having the option or jacket to insert the SIM in it. As these devices cannot be tracked by the GPS system. The names of a few devices for your better understanding are:

● Laptops, Tablets, Personal Computers, Wireless Speakers, Bluetooth devices.

3. GPS Only Devices

4. Smart watches without Sim or Tracking Features

Apart from these devices that are being exempted by PTA, there are also those devices that were previously exempt items but now these are not. As now these devices require Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Type Approval/NOC: The list is:

● RFID/Bluetooth/NFC devices:

● WI-FI Access Points Operating in ISM Band

● Low powered/short range

● Keyless entry system/remote controls

According to us, these rules are security steps towards the safety of people living in Pakistan with the advancement of technology ongoing. As technology is upgrading with the new era of time, the precautions as security measures should be taken. PTA took this step and made it a new rule that each of your devices, listed above, should be Type Approved by PTA.

We at Nano Technology Solutions eagerly wait to help you with any of your devices Type Approval from the non-exempt devices and look forward to easing your market access and devices penetration into the opportunistic Pakistan market.

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