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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) – An overview of the regulated Approvals

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been often rated as one of the most professionally run and governed regulator, not just in the country but also at the regional level. This is because of the fact that PTA has been managing various facets of approvals in a diligent manner. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has ensured that the applicable regulations concerning different industry verticals remain current and are updated as and when required to accommodate changing and evolving needs of the stakeholders involved.

An outline of the key regulated approvals by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is as below:

  1. Cellular mobile license

  2. Long Distance and international license (LDI)

  3. Local Loop license

  4. Class Value Added Services License (CVAS License)

  5. Type Approval

  6. Wireless equipment import/shipments clearance approval (NOC/COC)

The cellular mobile license is provided to the accredited and registered cellular services providers after a detailed evaluation process by PTA. The long distance and international license (LDI) is provided for communication between telecommunication points inside Pakistan with the points outside Pakistan.

The local loop license has two further categories:

  1. Fixed Local Loop (FLL)

  2. Wireless Local Loop (WLL)

Fixed local loop license is issued for the serviceability of fixed line communication services within a Telecom region using wired medium. On the other hand, as per the name, the Wireless Local Loop license is issued for the serviceability of fixed line communication services in a Telecom region using medium which can include wireless.

Exploring PTA approvals further, Class Value Added Services License (CVAS) is offered by PTA to applicants who are looking to offer various data or voice related value added services. These services might include tracking services, internet services, payphone cards etc. Outside the data and voice related CVAS license, PTA also provides Class Value Added Services registration to players who are looking to provide services like sms aggregation, content distribution etc. The Class Value Added Services License (CVAS) is issued for fifteen years and the Class Value Added Services registration is offered for five years.

Moving on to the next PTA approval, Type Approval is provided by PTA to ensure that all types of wireless equipment are duly regulated and that these devices meet the technical specifications allowed by PTA to operate in various frequency bands. A critical part of these equipment approvals, is to ensure that the devices do not cause any interference to other devices operating in the adjacent bands and that these devices do not cause any harmful radiations or emissions. Type Approval can be provided to any entity who can be a manufacturer, importer, distributor or research organization looking to get the relevant device in the approved PTA register for subsequent commercial and research activities.

The final PTA approval we have mentioned above, is in regards to the clearance of import shipments and is known as the Certificate of Compliance to Technical standards (COC). COC is mandatory for the clearance of all sim based devices from Pakistan Customs and hence becomes a critical document to obtain in time to avoid any unpleasant delays with the shipment clearance.

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