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What is PTA NOC for mobiles and why is it Necessary

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been taking active steps to ensure that only legal and custom cleared wireless devices are brought into the country for sale and purchase and has been actively issuing mobile NOCs in this regard. The device category within the wireless equipment, having the largest penetration among consumers is mobile phones. PTA has started the issuance of online No Objection Certificate (NOC) for all mobile consumers. This NOC application can easily be completed at

The more complicated scenario in the wireless equipment legal entry into Pakistan’s market consists of commercial shipments of wireless equipment including mobile phones. Below are the steps to consider before finalising the shipment import arrangements:

1- The very first thing to check before any wireless equipment model is imported in Pakistan is to verify whether that model has been Type Approved by PTA or not. Once Type approved, PTA issues a Type Approval Certificate (TAC) in the name of applicant entity.

2- If for some reason, it becomes clear that the device is not Type approved, then the next step is to apply for Type Approval as promptly as possible. You should have the test reports (EMC, RF and SAR) and Declaration of Conformity (DOC) handy before the Type Approval process can be initiated.

a. In case the device is previously Type Approved by some other entity, then any other entity can import the device into Pakistan and does not necessarily need to have a fresh Type Approval Application made.

b. However, if for business reasons, you want to have a fresh Type Approval for the device on your entity’s name, then for the already Type Approved devices, you do not need to have the Test reports and DOC as have been mentioned above.

3- Once Type approved, the next step is to apply online for the Certificate of Compliance to Technical Standards (COC). This Certificate is the final government document which you need to have to present to Pakistan customs. For Sim based devices shipments , without this COC, your shipment will not be cleared by Pakistan Customs. For this COC application, you need to have the following documents ready:

a. List of IMEIs for the devices in shipment

b. Airway Bill

c. Commercial Invoice

Please see below the list of complete documents required for the Type Approval application:

• Duly filled and signed PTA Type Approval Application Form

• Company Registration Document/Certificate and Applicant company Authorization letter to apply for PTA type approval

• Declaration of Conformity by the manufacturer reflecting the applied device standards e.g. RF, Safety, SAR, EMC/EMI etc.

• Test reports for standards reflected within Declaration of Conformity.

• Technical Data Sheet, reflecting Specifications for the device e.g. output power, operating frequency etc.

• One device sample

• Undertaking from applicant that device being type approved is for mass produce consumer purpose only and all native applications installed do not support any customised in-built encryption as part of its primary device functions.

• Undertaking from applicant that sanctity/privacy of the user data shall be ensured

The team at Nano Technology Solutions will help you at every step of your Type Approval and mobile NOC (COC) applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us at for any questions related to your approval requirements.

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