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Indonesia SDPPI Type Approval - Overview and Requirements

The Republic of Indonesia has developed its own conformity assessment system, aligned with international standards. This system includes HS code classification, certification, local laboratory testing, and labeling.

The Directorate General of Resources and Equipment Standardization for Post and Informatics (SDPPI) issues the certificate of approval required for telecommunication and ITE products entering Indonesia known as SDPPI approval or SDPPI Type Approval or Indonesia SDDP Type Approval.

SDPPI is also responsible for implementing regulations and requirements for Indonesia's radio frequency spectrum and telecommunications network. Radio frequency transmitter and receiver products using the radio spectrum or connecting to the public network undergo a mandatory SDPPI approval process at recognized laboratories, facilitated by SDPPI.

To obtain SDPPI's Type Approval, a local importer with a Business Registration Number (NIB) must register through SDPPI's online platform and submit the necessary documentation. The SDPPI Approval Certificate is valid for three years.

SDPPI Type Approval scope covers products used in radio communication, telecommunication, or connected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) including :


· Modems

· Cordless phones

· Bluetooth product


· CDMA2000

· Internet Telephony System


· Short Range Devices (SRD)

· Faxes

· Router


· Vehicle Radio Location/Short Radar System


For specific products, SDPPI accepts test reports from accredited overseas labs, eliminating the need for factory or shipment inspections.

The SDPPI approval application must include:

· A user manual

· Technical specification

· External photos

· Block and circuit diagrams

· Application and declaration letters from a local company registered in the online system

Equipment approved by SDPPI must be labeled with the SDPPI Approval Certificate number and PLG ID number (Certificate Holder's Registration Number). A QR code from the certificate of approval or applicant's SDPPI user account should be affixed to the packaging, along with a warning sign and statement.

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