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What is Nepal/NTA Type Approval Process and what you need to know to proceed with this approval

Updated: Apr 17

The Nepal Type Approval procedure is a process established by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) to ensure that all radio telecommunication customer premises equipment (CPEs) imported and sold in Nepal meet certain standards and quality guidelines.

In order to import or sell any type of radio telecommunications customer premises equipment (CPE) in Nepal, manufacturers, authorized agents, or representatives must obtain a Nepal type approval certificate under the procedure defined by the NTA.

This process includes submitting a complete application form and various documents, such as a functional description with circuit diagrams, product brochures, operation/installation/user manuals, photographs of the equipment, test reports, and a declaration of conformity (DoC).

The application process can be initiated by a local representative in Nepal on behalf of the manufacturer, or by a Nepali company applying directly to the NTA. The average completion time for type approval is typically 6 weeks. The initial type approval certificate is valid for a provisional period (6 months) and can be renewed upon expiry.

The permanent periodic Type Approval Certificate, as a next step, can be issued by NTA if the applicable requirements are met by the applicant. This periodic certificate is valid for five years.

The complete Nepal NTA Type Approval process can be outlined as below steps also:

  • Manufacturer conducts testing and certification

  • Applicant (local manufacturer or authorized representative) submits application for Type Approval to Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA)

  • Product is granted a Type Approval certificate by NTA

  • Product can then be imported and marketed in Nepal

Exempt Devices:

It is important to also be aware of the exempt devices which do not require Nepal Type Approval as per NTA regulation. If any Short Range Devices (SRDs) or Low Powered Devices (LPDs) have operating range less than 15 meters, then type approval is not required because they are exempted from licensing from Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCIT).

Only type approved equipment is allowed to be imported and used in Nepal, and the NTA or designated individuals have the right to verify certifications at any time.

It is important to note that the Type Approval Certificate is not an import license and a separate import/usage license may be required to import or use the product as per the rules of the Government of Nepal (GON), wherever applicable.

Additionally, the Authority may require the submission of additional information or documents, and may also request to observe a sample of the equipment at the applicant's expense if deemed necessary.

Requirements for Nepal NTA Type Approval:

Typically, for Nepal Type Approval application, the applicant is required to submit:

  • functional description with circuit diagram or block diagram

  • product brochures including technical specifications

  • operation/installation/user manual

  • internal and external photographs of the equipment

  • radio, SAR, Safety and EMC test reports/certification by the manufacturer/brand owner or authorized representative of the manufacturer or Standard Testing/Certification Body and/or Type Approval Certificate issued by at least one of the international/national/territorial standard bodies

  • Declaration of Conformity (DoC) from the applicant in the NTA prescribed format

  • Local representative documents such as copy of company registration certificate and copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) certificate

  • letter of authorization (Power of Attorney) from the manufacturer/brand owner and any other document(s) specified by the Authority.

NTA Type Approved devices require labeling as well. For identification of the NTA approved equipment, they shall bear a clear, permanent and easily visible plate or other equivalent contiguous labeling with the following information:

• Name of manufacturer and/or Brand Name or an authorized company responsible for importing.

• Equipment Type or model

• Other markings expressing the Quality as decided by Authority

In conclusion, the NTA type approval process is in place to ensure the standard and quality of telecommunications equipment being imported and used in Nepal, and manufacturers, authorized agents, or representatives must go through this process in order to obtain a type approval certificate.

Please feel free to contact us at for any questions related to any of your Nepal/NTA Type Approval requirements.

Updates as of 15th April, 2024:

Towards the end of 2023, Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) announced some important breakthroughs towards the long pending allow of frequency bands including 865 Mhz band and UWB band in the 6 - 8.5 Ghz frequency range. Furthermore NTA has now mandated the use of MDMS system for the registration of all cellular devices imported into Nepal.

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