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Qatar (CRA) - Type Approval Process, Validity, Requirements and Exemptions

Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) is the telecommunications regulator in Qatar and supervises the overall Qatar Type Approval process for radio and telecommunications equipment (RTTE) to be authorized for use in Qatar. The process involves verifying that the equipment complies with the applicable technical standards in Qatar.

The main goal of Type Approval is to ensure that all RTTE used in Qatar is compliant with standards related to the effective use of radio frequency spectrum, interconnection with public telecommunications networks, protection of the health and safety of users, and electromagnetic compatibility.

By verifying compliance, Qatar Type Approval process ensures that no sub-standard equipment with potential health and safety hazards are in use in Qatar, that consumers are protected from non-compatible equipment, and that radio communication equipment is operating within the national frequency allocation plan and not causing interference to other services.

Who can apply for Qatar Type Approval?

ICT Qatar Type Approval can be requested by a variety of parties including local and international manufacturers, authorized importers, licensed operators, and individuals or companies in Qatar importing equipment for personal use (not for marketing or commercial purposes). Authorized representatives or agents of any of these parties can also request Type Approval.

International manufacturers do not need to have a presence in Qatar to apply for Type Approval. Once an RTTE is Type Approved, it can be imported by eligible importers without the need for additional approvals. This allows for a streamlined process for the importation of approved equipment, making it easier for businesses and individuals to access and use the equipment they need.

Qatar Type Approval Register

A Type Approval Register is maintained on the ictQATAR website listing all approved types of RTTE. This register is an important resource for businesses and individuals looking to import or use RTTE in Qatar, as it allows them to quickly and easily check if a particular piece of equipment has been approved for use in the country.

Qatar Type Approval Application Process

The application process for Qatar Type Approval can be done through a simplified or standard process. The simplified process is for equipment that is already Type Approved/tested in a recognized country, while the standard process is for equipment that has not yet been approved.

The application process involves providing detailed information about the equipment and test results demonstrating compliance with the applicable standards. The QATAR regulator will then review the application and test results to determine if the equipment is compliant and can be approved for use in Qatar.

Validity of Qatar Type Approval

All CRA Qatar Type Approvals are granted with permanent unlimited validity as long as there are no modifications introduced to the approved equipment. In-case of any modifications to the approved equipment, the modified equipment requires fresh CRA Qatar Type Approval.

When new Qatar Type Approval is required ?

The modifications which require a new ICT Qatar Type Approval application includes changes with respect to brand name, model number, functions, product name, Certificate of compliance, declaration of conformity, applicable standards and requirements and radio parameters.

Equipment Exempt from Qatar Type Approval

As per Qatar Type Approval regulations, there are few categories of exempt equipment as well from Type Approval. These categories include:

1- Receiver only equipment

2- Transmitter equipment capable of transmitting only under control of a public network such as mobile phones

3- Any radio equipment embedded in PC/laptop which is either receiver only or is a transmitter equipment with output power below 100 mW such as Wifi, Bluetooth equipment embedded in the laptops or personal computers

4- Radio equipment for amateur use by licensed person only

5- Passive cable and wiring based radio equipment

6- Broadcast receivers radio equipment for example satellite TV, Radio (FM/AM)

7- Short range radio equipment embedded in the vehicles for example car navigation, remote sensor, remote car key, bluetooth devices etc.

8- Short range infra-red remote control equipment such as TV remote control, garage door opener etc.


Overall, Type Approval is an important process that ensures the safe and effective use of RTTE in Qatar, while protecting the interests of consumers, network operators, and other users of the radio frequency spectrum. The process is designed to be accessible and streamlined, making it easy for businesses and individuals to access the equipment they need while ensuring that it is safe and compliant with local standards.

Please feel free to contact us for your Qatar Type Approval requirements at and our team of experts will get in touch with you accordingly.

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