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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Approvals – What is Local Loop License ?

We have been exploring different types of licenses and approvals granted by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to the various industry segments based on their specific requirements. As part of this series of mini articles the aim is to provide clear, concise and relevant actionable information to our readers and customers.

This article is intended to provide an overview of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Local Loop (LL) License (PTA Approval for Local Loop License). The term Local Loop (LL) refers to a communication channel from a switching center of a network to an end customer’s terminal equipment. This communication channel can be provided both in a wired form or in wireless form. The term Local Loop is also known as “Last Mile” connectivity.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) allows the applicants of Local Loop Licenses to apply for the license in more than one region for this PTA approval. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has divided the territory in 14 regions which be evaluated by the applicants to consider for acquiring Local Loop License in-line with their business plan requirements.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) usually does not interfere with the business and market plans of a Local Loop Licensee. However, if a Licensee gains Significant Market Position, then Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) might interfere to regulate the prices and network interlocks etc. The Local Loop license holders are required to have atleast one network connection point as part of their infrastructure which should allow other network services providers to connect into.

In regards to the applicable term and validity of the Local Loop License, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) initially grants the license for 20 years. This license can then be extended by 20 more years on successful application review. For the applicants, who wish to achieve this last mile connectivity through wireless medium and who are looking to make use of a certain radio frequency spectrum to achieve this, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) allows the applicants to submit a request to use the radio frequency spectrum as part of the Local Loop License application.

The initial fees of the Local Loop license is kept as US $ 10,000 by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Upon successful review and grant of the application, the licensees are then required to pay 0.5% of the annual gross revenue minus any internetwork payments and payments made to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The above has been a brief overview of some of the key elements involved in the Local Loop license issuance process for the applicants to consider. On top of these elements, there are detailed guidelines provided by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) also which outline the inclusions and various plans required to be part of the Local Loop License application. Nano Technology Solutions Team takes pleasure in assisting our esteemed customers and in helping them acquire the license with no hassle, in context of the decade long Asia Pacific wide deep regulatory experience. We can be contacted at with your specific Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) approval requirements (PTA Approval) with a guaranteed response time of twelve hours.

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