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Importance of COC for Consignments Imported into Pakistan

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is the only organization that provides you with the authority of having Telecom Equipment within the country. And to have that authority you need to go through some important, yet basic procedures of paperwork. But to have it all easy, Nano Technology Solutions will be helping those people to bring up their consignment within the country premises with proper authority and permission.

As when people from other countries visit here is Pakistan, they need to have a visa for it. Same is the case for any equipment consignment that needs to be imported here in Pakistan.

The second rule by PTA for each new consignment consisting of Type Approval SIM/IMEI based mobile devices being imported in Pakistan, an application for a Certificate of Compliance (COC) has to be made to PTA via PTA online portal system. And herein, Nano Technology Solutions will help you to go through the steps without any worry. They will assist you with the application and documentation requirements.

The Purpose of COC: All SIM/IMEI functional devices, which are prior to import within Pakistan to sell need to be approved by PTA with their model and Type Allocation Code (TAC) details. After this, the applicant can apply for Device Registration to get the COC for commercial import. Importing devices with SIM/IMEI functionality without having PTA Certificate of Compliance, you can get yourself in trouble. As there could be many penalties in return and even you may lose your equipment too.

The Right Time Applying for COC: The Certificate of Compliance (COC) issuance can only be given to the applicant if the consignment of SIM/IMEI based mobile devices are Type Approved. The first and foremost important step for having any telecom equipment device is to go through the process of Type Approval and make sure that each of your device's Model Number and IMEI number should be approved by the PTA. Only then, you can apply for COC from the online portal.

Documents Required for Issuance of COC: It really sounds safe that you are having the Type Approval of your consignment which directly means that there will be no issue to apply for COC. After steps towards your next issuance of Certificate of Compliance, the documents are playing an essential role in it. The documents to be needed are:

● Model Number of Equipment

● Quantity to be carried out

● Purpose of Use

● End User Details

● Waybill Number

● Port Name where consignment will arrive

Importance of COC for Consignments Imported into Pakistan:

● The Certificate helps you to have secure access on devices that are being imported.

● The Type Approval of devices keeps the applicant safe from future hazards.

● Certificate of Compliance allows you to sell the devices within the market in Pakistan anywhere.

● The Certificate proofs that the devices are imported after following the procedure as said.

So, before indulging yourself into any trouble get help and go through these steps. Having Type Approval and a Certificate of Compliance from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority will keep you safe from any illegal activity. And for these procedures, Nano technology Solutions will help you get hold of the Type Approval Certificate and Certificate of Compliance promptly and reliably.


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