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Role of PTA Approvals in this Technologically Advanced Telecommunication Era

Technology has made almost all those things possible, which were seemingly impossible, a mere 100 years back. With this enhanced use of technology though, comes a great risk that the technology is put to the right purpose and usage. In this era of extreme technological advancements, it becomes necessary for all countries to have proper compliance and regulatory procedures.

Once such area demanding great scrutiny and compliance is telecommunication. With various communication devices with different protocols operating at different frequency bands, it becomes critical that all such telecommunication devices operate at allowed frequency bands with allowed power and radio waves emission levels.

In Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is playing an active and great role to provide PTA approvals for all type of wireless and telecommunication devices. These PTA approvals include PTA Type Approval, PTA Value Added Services (VAS) License and Certificate of Compliance to Technical Standards (C0C)/No Objection Certificate (NOC).

These PTA approvals are applicable on all types of wireless devices across all industries. As an example, agriculture, medical disciplines, aviation, retail and security are just some of the verticals where there is huge penetration of continuously improving telecommunication devices. While all such devices are manufactured in compliance with global standards (mainly CE and FCC), however there are country specific testing and compliance requirements which have to be separately looked into by the respective country regulator.

An outline of such country specific regulatory and testing variations is provided in the below list:

1- Mandatory local (in-country) device testing requirements

2- Testing reports standards acceptance

3- Device sample requirements

4- Overarching licensing arrangement in case the device belongs to a specialised category e.g. tracking devices

5- Variations in the allowed frequency bands for various devices

6- Variations in the allowed power emissions levels for various devices operating in different frequency bands

It is also worth mentioning these regulations are guided directly by the country wide Telecom policy. In Pakistan, there is no exception. The overarching Telecom policy provides an initial framework on the regulatory landscape. PTA then takes the driving seat in providing detailed guidance on the applicable regulations on various devices. PTA also then goes on to define the requirements for each licensing and approval application and what essential elements should be covered while finalising the application package for PTA.

With these variations, it is always a moving goal post for all the technology manufacturers to stay abreast of the latest approval and regulatory guidelines inculcating a high degree of risk into the market launch plans of the planned devices. It is this risk that the specialised and trusted players, having a keen eye and meticulous experience in handling and advising on all regulatory approvals, provide a safeguard against any unknowns towards the go-to-market plans.

For any types of PTA Approvals, Nano Technology Solutions is helping leading global and local brands and manufacturers in getting their telecommunication equipment approved. Please feel free to contact us at regarding any questions related to your telecommunication equipment approval in Pakistan.

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