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PTA License is required for Tracking based Terminal Equipment

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) holds a great command on any device to be approved. To have the approval of any telecom equipment it is necessary to first take the Type Approval. Certification of Compliance (COC) from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) then is also required at the time of import, in case the devices are sim based. But foremost of all, if the devices are tracking devices, then the PTA VAS license for tracking services is required as the first step.

As the VAS license play the most important aspect in this category. Let's have complete details about it for a better understanding.

1. PTA License and Licensees: Before having access to any telecom tracking equipment, it is necessary to have permission in a form of License from PTA. It is only given to those people who accept the terms and conditions of the PTA. Here are the few terms and conditions to grant the PTA license:

● Grant of the License

● Rights of the License

● Obligations of the License

● Fees and other charges

● Radio Frequency Spectrum

● General Conditions

● Relations with Customers

● Tariffs

● Relations with other operators

● Infractions and Sanctions

● Termination and Amendment

● Quality of Service

● Network Rollout

For a complete readout the booklet of License Template shares all the details of each above-written terms and conditions.

2. What is tracking based Terminal Equipment: All the telecom devices that are having access to the GPS system to be tracked are known as tracking based terminal equipment. Apart from these, tracking devices which are having access to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are also included in it.

PTA Type Approval of Tracking based Terminal Equipment shall only be granted to PTA Licensees who are authorized under their license to provide tracking based services.

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