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Zambia (ZICTA) – Family Endorsement Procedure

22 Apr 2021

Zambia (ZICTA) – Family Endorsement Procedure

As of Walk 2021, the specialist in charge for endorsing broadcast communications gear in Zambia, ZICTA, has discharged direction rules that permit the endorsement of models sharing same specialized characteristics.


As per the modern Zambia Sort Endorsement Rules:

Where an Candidate applies for the sort endorsement of two or more models with the same specialized characteristics, the candidate might make one application and outfit the Specialist with a affirmation of likeness issued by a producer of the electronic communications device requiring endorsement. For the shirking of doubt-

(i) As it were electronic communications device that is actually the same in each angle counting the circuit graph, conduct and execution, should be considered in deciding similarity.

(ii) Corrective contrasts such as colour, surface, or shape of the electronic communications device might not be considered in deciding likeness.

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