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Nepal NTA allows Ultra Wide Band (UWB) applications

2 Nov 2023

Nepal NTA allows Ultra Wide Band (UWB) applications

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) is now permitted in Nepal on a condition that it will not create any interference to the existing telecom services and allowed in a non-exclusive and non-protection basis in 6.0 - 8.5 GHz frequency band for SRD applications, our sources in Kathmandu have confirmed, as part of the Radio frequency allocation and pricing policy approved by Radio Frequency Policy Determination Committee.

The maximum allowed transmit power (EIRP) of -41,3 dBm/MHz and a maximum peak e.i.r.p. of 0 dBm defined in 50 MHz is applicable for all UWB applications.

The official news will soon be published in Nepal Government online portal which we will share in due course.

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