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Nepal (NTA) mandates the registration of Cellular devices to MDMS System

14 May 2023

Nepal (NTA) mandates the registration of Cellular devices to MDMS System

Nepal Telecomm Authority (NTA) has made registration of IMEI number to Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) mandatory from May 15, 2023. Notice has been published in the link below in this regard. Prima facie this notice looks like only applicable for registration of Mobile handsets but it has larger implication when we discussed this with NTA officials. It’s confirmed this is applicable for every devices that support cellular communication.



Translation of the notice to English language using AI (Essence of notice is preserved.)



"In order to regulate the use and import of mobile sets in Nepal, the MDMS system will be implemented from Jestha 01, 2080 (May 15, 2023). All concerned individuals are informed about the system. For personal use, individuals who have obtained clearance from the Customs Office for mobile sets brought from abroad will have the facility to register themselves in the MDMS system. According to the "Private Use Goods Related Order 2077" of the Government of Nepal, individuals who have brought mobile sets from abroad for personal use can register by entering the following documents in the system:

1.       Citizenship/Nationality

2.       Departure Stamp and Arrival Stamp seen on the page or boarding pass of the passport


When purchasing a mobile phone within Nepal, it is necessary to check whether the mobile set has been registered or not in the MDMS system of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority ( Mobile importers/sellers are required to register in the authority only after obtaining pre-approval from the authority, and they can distribute and sell only the registered mobiles.


For further information on this matter, please refer to the notice issued by the Department of Customs on 2080/01/29(May 12, 2023) regarding "Mobile Phones that Travelers Can Bring in Their Luggage with Convenience."




This means every device supporting cellular communication (mobile handset, GSM device, GPS navigation with cellular support, etc.) will have to have their IMEI registered with NTA before the import. Number of units during such registration will have to match with the information on number of units imported and sold submitted during renewal of type approval certificate. This registration is applicable for all of the devices supporting cellular communication.

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