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Morocco (ANRT): Technical Update for Short Range Devices (SRD)

18 Aug 2021

Morocco (ANRT): Technical Update for Short Range Devices (SRD)

On May 7, 2021, the Moroccan National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency issued an updated ruling (ANRT/DG/N°07/2021). This decision overrides the prior decision ANRT/DG/N°07/2020 and its supporting Annex dated June 25, 2020. Annexes 1–14 of the amended judgment detail revised technical criteria for Short Range Devices.


Important Technical Revisions:

Annex 5, "Local Radio Networks," now includes Wi-Fi 6E technology. The frequency band for this technology is 5925-6425 MHz, with an Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) of 200mW. Notably, this frequency range is only suitable for interior purposes; use in cars or rolling stock is absolutely prohibited.

Portable Device Usage: The same 5925-6425 MHz spectrum is also permitted for use by portable devices such as smartphones and linked items at a decreased EIRP of 25mW. These gadgets are approved for both indoor and outdoor use, with the exception of unmanned aerial aircraft.


Enhanced Radiodetermination Capabilities: Annex 11, titled "Radiodetermination and Motion Detection Devices," enhances utilization in the 24.00-24.25 GHz frequency range. This frequency, with an EIRP of 100mW, is designated for omnidirectional radars used in obstacle detection and motion sensing applications.

These modifications indicate Morocco's commitment to modifying its regulatory framework to accommodate advances in SRD technology, assuring efficient and safe use within the stipulated boundaries.

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