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Morocco's Regulatory Update: Implementing WiFi 6E

15 Jul 2021

Morocco's Regulatory Update: Implementing WiFi 6E

In an important legislative upgrade, Morocco's National Telecommunications legislative Agency (ANRT) has accepted cutting-edge WiFi 6E technology with Decision ANRT/DG/N°07/2021, enacted in May 2021. This critical decision revises the technical standards for Short Range Devices (SRD) by incorporating the WiFi 6E Band into the national standards framework.


Important Changes:

WiFi 6E Band Adoption: Morocco's technological standards have advanced with the incorporation of the WiFi 6E Band, which is in line with global improvements in wireless communication. 24GHz

Spectrum Enhancements: The decision also includes changes for low-power devices and detection radars operating in the 24GHz spectrum, which expands SRD capabilities and applications.

These modifications, which take effect in June 2021, show Morocco's proactive attitude to updating technical standards, stimulating innovation, and maintaining conformity with worldwide technology advancements.

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