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Jordan (TRC) has expanded its list of exempted devices.

22 Sept 2020

Jordan (TRC) has expanded its list of exempted devices.

Jordan's Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) has enlarged the list of devices that are free from strict clearance requirements. This complete update includes new methods, eligibility criteria, and technical standards for Short Range Devices. In addition, the regulator published a comprehensive database of radio-enabled devices which do not anymore required complete approval.

The list of exempted radio equipment now includes:

Printers, both with and without wireless fidelity (WIFI) capabilities, as long as they do not include fax capability.

Laptops and desktop computers are equipped with radio interfaces.

Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation devices without SIM card integration, among other things.

Bluetooth peripherals include headsets and other items that support Bluetooth communication.

Surveillance equipment, including wired and wireless options.

This program demonstrates TRC's commitment to promoting innovation while adhering to regulatory norms in the telecoms industry.

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