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Indonesia SDPPI publishes new Type Approval Regulations

23 Oct 2018

Indonesia SDPPI publishes new Type Approval Regulations

The Direktorat Jenderal Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos dan Informatika (SDPPI), the regulatory agency in Indonesia, implemented new Regulations #7, which became effective in August 2018.


These regulations bring significant changes, particularly in the certification process, outlined as follows:


1. Local Indonesian Company Requirement: As per Section №59 of the Regulation, the certificate holder must be a local Indonesian company. This includes various entities such as local manufacturers, distributors, importers, or officially registered representatives in Indonesia. Examples include brand owners legally registered in Indonesia, authorized representatives or distributors assigned by foreign brand owners, Indonesian entities manufacturing telecommunication equipment for overseas brand owners, and individuals or entities involved in producing, assembling, and integrating telecommunication equipment components.


2. NIB (Business Registration Number) Requirement: A certificate holder must possess an NIB (Business Registration Number). Previously, certification applications could be submitted through the SDPPI website with the applicant's user account. However, the current process requires all licensing services, including telecommunication equipment certification, to be conducted through the Online Single Submission (OSS) System of the Republic of Indonesia. Access to the system is granted via the applicant's NIB number and password. In cases where a local certificate holder is unavailable, we can provide the necessary service.


3. Certification Validity: The regulations do not specify a specific timeline for certificate validity. However, Section 70 of Regulation #7 states that if the product continues to be produced, assembled, or imported to Indonesia after three years, re-certification is still required.


4. Certification Scheme: The new certification scheme involves the following steps:

   a. Testing in an SDPPI-accredited test lab: This can be either an in-country SDPPI-accredited test lab or a foreign SDPPI-accredited test lab. We, in most cases, no longer requests samples from clients for testing in Indonesia. Instead, approvals can be obtained based on manufacturers' test reports.

   b. Submission of the test report and application documents to the SDPPI headquarters for evaluation.

   c. Certificate issuance.


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