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CRA Qatar Introduces New Frequency Bands

19 Jul 2021

CRA Qatar Introduces New Frequency Bands

The Communications Regulatory Authority of the State of Qatar has released Version No. 4 of the Class License for Short Range Devices (SRD), dated April 22, 2021.

This updated regulation encompasses revisions to SRD applications, applicable frequency ranges, field strength/output power limits, reference standards, and other compliance requirements for SRDs.

Key modifications in the latest regulation are as follows:

1. WAS/RLAN - The maximum EIRP for the 5725-5875 MHz band has been reduced from 100 mW to 25 mW, while the maximum EIRP for the 5470-5725 MHz band has been increased from 100 mW to 1000 mW.

2. Bluetooth - The maximum EIRP (Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power) has been raised from 10 mW to 100 mW.

3. RFID - Additional frequency bands, 867.6–868 MHz and 400–600 KHz, have been introduced.

4. Non-Specific SRDs - New frequency bands, 24–24.25 GHz and 57–64 GHz, have been incorporated.

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